Moonves Says Evening Newcasts Need To Change Their Structure. Since Consumers Now Get Their News 24/7, The Problem Is That By The Time Katie Couric Comes on the Air ‘There Is Nothing That [She] Is Saying That Everybody Doesn’t Know Already’

Oct 7, 2010  •  Post A Comment

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves says that evening newscasts need to change their structure, with a format more like ABC’s "Nightline," where a show looks in-depth at one or two subjects. Why is the change needed? Says Moonves, “People are getting the news elsewhere. When there were only three networks, you did have that public service component, where we were informing America. Now, there is nothing that Katie Couric is saying that everybody doesn’t know already.”

All of this is reported by TVnewser.com, reporting on a talk Moonves gave at the University of Texas on Moinday, Oct. 4, 2010

Moonves noted that the nearly $40 million contract signed by Katie Couric, who is the anchor for the network’s evening news, "will be the last big deal of that kind ever done," the story says. He went on to say that, "Those days are over, because the news no longer generates the kind of revenue or success that’s worth doing [those contracts].”


  1. If CBS or see BS will stop the Only News source because “the news no longer generates the kind of revenue or success that’s worth doing”. That is cruel for American People.
    Adter that, I would hold Moonves accountable for making Americans stupid and ignorant. You can not measure New only in $. The CBS News is the Best Program CBS has. You can pay anchor less, that ok, but do not take the only international/national News away. More REAL Journalistic news is what we want!!!! Look other countries, look BBC…

  2. It may have more to do with the editors. There is fresh news coming on BBC, CNN, and Fox all the time. Saying there is nothing new indicates a lack of effort, or a need to only tell stories that fit your narrow view of the world.

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