The Secret of the White iPhone 4–And Why You Don’t Own One–Is Revealed

Oct 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The white version of the iPhone has been a sought-after item since it was seen earlier this year when Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone 4–and then the white variety never was released. Now, according to SlashGear, the reason for the lack of availability of that model may have finally come to light.

The story says a person with one of the rare white iPhones was spotted at a New York press event and reported that Apple held back on the unit’s release because the manufacturer of the white face plate and the maker of the white “home” button were unable to match their colors.

So it’s not, as some observers thought, that Apple was holding back on the release to work on the troublesome antenna. It’s just that the company, known for its perfectionism, has been unwilling to release components with mismatched shades of white.

The owner of the white iPhone explained that he was able to get his hands on one because he knows someone at Apple–and he added that the company has quite a few of them hanging around its home office.


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