This is Odd Even For Hollywood: Contestant on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Went to Show Audition Even Though He Had Reported His Wife Missing Just Hours Before and Says He Thought She Was Dead (Which She Turned Out to Be)

Oct 25, 2010  •  Post A Comment

This is fairly bizarre, courtesy TMZ. com.

All of this is according to TMZ: Joe Finley, in Los Angeles to audition for "America’s Got Talent" this past Saturday, Oct. 21, 2010, took the drug ecstasy Friday night, Oct. 22, as did his wife. They then went out partying.

Returning later to their room at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, they went to sleep. At about 3 am Finely heard his wife, Laura, get up. He said he assumed she was getting some ice.

Later, when he awoke, she still hadn’t returned, so Joe contacted security at the hotel.

According to the TMZ article, here’s what happened next: "Oddly, Finley says he then left for his 2PM audition. He claims police approached him on his way to the audition and showed him a picture of Laura’s face with injuries. Finley claims he assumed, at that point, that Laura was dead … though cops didn’t tell him that. After several hours of questioning, Finley says police allowed him to go to his audition … which he did — even though he admits he thought his wife was dead."

When Finley returned from the audition he told police of the drug use. According to the TMZ story, "It’s unclear when exactly police informed Finley that Laura’s body had been found in a stairwell at the hotel. As we first reported, police are now calling Finley a ‘person of interest’ in Laura’s death."

Later Finley told TMZ that he believed his wife’s death was a homicide, though he did not speculate who killed her.

Here’s a picture of Laura and Joe Finley:

Laura and Joe Finley.jpg


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