Three Weeks into Season, Martha Stewart Ratings Still Struggling On Hallmark

Oct 1, 2010  •  Post A Comment

After three weeks into the new television season, Martha Stewart hasn’t much improved her ratings on the Hallmark Channel, reports the New York Post.

"Martha" is averaging 187,000 viewers weekdays at 10 a.m., representing a decline of 60% from the average for the timeslot a year earlier, the story says.

The repeats of the show at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. are performing even worse, with total viewers down by 69% and 76%, respectively, from the year-earlier time periods.

As previously reported, the debut of her show on Hallmark drew just 199,000 viewers, less than the more than 500,000 who tuned in to "The Golden Girls" a year earlier.


  1. Our senior executives have an emergency programming meeting in New York with Bill Abbott to discuss this hot mess.
    At the core of the destruction of our company is the fact that Bill Abbott thinks he is a programming executive. He did a lousy enough job as an ad sales guy – putting our company in a position where Hallmark Channel has more ADUs than the rest of the top 30 networks combined, because he sold a fraudulent demo for 10 years.
    60% of the Hallmark Channel Home block has registered hashmarks in W25-54, and there has yet to be an episode to break 50,000 W25-54. The ad sales team promised 250,000 W-25-54 per episode to advertisers, so our ADU problem is only getting worse.
    The moral at our company is the worst I have ever seen at a company. People stay at their desks with their heads down. All the joy and sense of community that existed in the Henry Schlieff era is completely dead.
    Worst of all, this fiasco has tarnished the reputation of every person at our company, and when we have layoffs in first quarter, it is going to be hard for those who lose their jobs to find new ones.
    Given who Bill Abbott is, he won’t layoff anyone in his inner circle, and they are the ones who should absorb 100% of the blame for this mess (Ed Georger, Cindy Kelly, Susanne McAvoy, Tara Tzerlin, Chad Harris, Chris Ward, Laura Sillars). Those people have destroyed this company, and should be called out.

  2. The comments above by Hallmark Insider confirm the rumors that have been in circulation for the past year.
    Don’t worry Hallmark Insider, the industry is taking note of the strategists, and this won’t tarnish all of you.

  3. You definitely need to add more names from Hallmark’s marketing department to your black list.
    I was pitched the promotion, and it was every bit as poor as the results would suggest. In the past, their promotions had been very turnkey and effective. This one had a complicated point system and a list of deliverable requirements from the cross channel – it was just stupid.
    They proudly touted to anyone who would listen that they spent $5-million on the Make the Move with Martha campaign, and delivered hash marks. That is indefensible.
    How can a publicly traded company retain people who deliver those results? Insane.

  4. I think Hallmark Insider’s final paragraph answers that.

  5. As long as you have a constructive, positive answer for recruiters when they ask you about Hallmark’s failures and your role in them, you shouldn’t be tarnished by the results.
    If you didn’t play a role and were collateral damage, they’ll figure that out, and you’ll be fine.
    If you played a big role, they’ll find that out too – and you might want to consider a different industry.

  6. It will be interesting to see what happens with Martha, as I believe TV Week reported that the multi-year deal was barter.
    I don’t see how they could take hours away from MSLO, if the contract states they get the time.
    Hallmark might be stuck with this for a couple of years.

  7. We are stuck. Bill Abbott negotiated the programming deal himself, and did not solicit the advice of our legal team or programming.
    We agreed to clauses that stated that if Martha’s programming hit a minimum delivery that the shows would automatically be renewed. The threshold was set so low that the MSLO shows have already crossed them and the shows have been automatically renewed.
    Now it’s just a matter of when they’ll air.
    That’s why there is such a sense of depression here. It isn’t going to get better for us for a long, long time.

  8. “At the core of the destruction of our company” is an internal conspiracy to get Bill Abbott, which had its genesis in the end of the “Henry Schlieff era.” The disgruntled leader of this conspiracy needs to be identified and terminated; the “sense of depression” would then cease to exist.

  9. I call bs on the automatic pickup. Highly doubtful

  10. Hallmark channel has no long-term viability and no relevance as a channel of tv reruns. With a well-established high-quality brand as Hallmark, the concern should be with excellent television programming, which no longer exists on broadcast television because of the Nielsen ratings dinosaur. The quality programming of Martha Stewart Living is a dream match with Hallmark for excellence in programming. Without exception, every Hallmark employee should be exceedingly proud of the new excellent Hallmark programming.
    The Nielsen ratings dinosaur, past or present, is of no relevance to the Hallmark cable channel and quality television programming. The economy is in a ditch and still descending into oblivion with record unemployment. No doubt, X-rated programming on Hallmark would spike the Nielsen ratings dinosaur into convulsion. Ensuring the long-term viability of the Hallmark Channel with new quality television programming is a transformative process that cannot be fully accomplished overnight or in weeks with viewers. The excellent programming of Martha Stewart Living made an outstanding debut on the Hallmark Channel and assures Hallmark’s long-term relevance.
    “This hot mess” has nothing to do with the excellent programming of Hallmark Channel. It has everything to do with internal internecine politics at Hallmark and poor management. Competent management calls for uncovering and eliminating the conspiracy targeting Bill Abbott, which would cure the malady of “moral at our company is the worst.” This, of course, includes terminating the “Hallmark Insider.”

  11. Ratings don’t matter? Why don’t you put your real name on the post and tell that to your advertisers and distributors.

  12. Unfortuntaely, I think NYC Media Buyer is wrong. You are doomed Hallmark Insider. You’d better get out quickly, but it may already be too late. If I were you, I would be worried 24/7 about my reputation and career with this as part of the resume.

  13. YEAH, everybody put their real name on here. woohoo, Gary Cooper! Or is it Spencer Tracy?

  14. Why no real name for “Hallmark insider” on posts?
    Only the clueless would fail to understand that “advertisers and distributors” in this Internet age are looking to more innovative advertising options with digital advertising media.
    The Nielsen hocus-pocus “ratings,” concocted in secrecy with no transparency, have relevance for the stranglehold on trash broadcast television, which is in a death spiral from tv switch off.
    The Neilsen ratings dinosaur has no relevance for “advertisers and distributors” of quality products who want to be associated with the excellent television programming of Martha Stewart Living on Hallmark.
    People abandoned cable TV in record numbers during the second quarter of 2010, according to analysts at SNL Kagan. This resulted from the bad economy.

  15. Both Hallmark Insider and Keen Observer have embarrassed themselves and their company in this blog. Keep your garbage in house (Insider), and get your facts straight (Observer).
    SNL Kagan posted yesterday that advertising is back on track and cable networks saw very strong advertising results in Q2.
    Comcast nets: +21%
    Rainbow nets: +18%
    TW/Turner nets: +14%
    Discovery nets: +13%
    Scripps nets: +13%
    Viacom nets: +4%
    Outdoor net: +2%
    Hallmark nets: -4%
    The SNL posting also had a table that shows that Hallmark is down in 6 of the last 7 quarters, with Q209 showing 1% growth.
    Hallmark is the only network group down in ad dollars, in a market where the rest of the field is up big time.

  16. At one time my entire family LOVED Hallmark but that has changed. What American families loved was the wholesome shows that we could sit down and enjoy together without fear of nudity, cussing and violence. Then Hallmark started airing back to back to back episodes of shows and there seemed to be a lack of variety. To make matter worse they decided WE wanted Martha Stewart, her foul mouthed daughter and other shows related to cooking/cleaning/gardening and crafts. Those shows are done to death on other networks. Martha will never be accepted by most Hallmark fans because lets face it, she is far from moral to many of us. It’s hard to admire a woman who lied and cheated and spent time in prison. Yes, Martha has some fans but not nearly as many fans as Hallmark once had.
    Hallmark kicked all of us to the curb when TV is already lacking family shows that can be trusted and entertaining.
    Bill Abbott says this move was to increase ratings. If he took our advice, the ratings would increase and the fans of Hallmark would be satisfied.
    You can air Martha Stewart but you need to add some other shows throughout the day and don’t cram all the home shows together.
    Martha 10:00-11:00
    Little House 11:00-12:00
    Cooking show 1:00-2:00
    Touched by an Angel 3:00-4:00
    Martha’s daughter’s talk show 4:00-5:00
    Mash 5:00-6:00
    Golden Girls 6:00-7:00
    I love Lucy 8:00-9:00
    DOC 9:00-10:00
    Granted this just an example but you get the picture. If they would stop lumping so many of the same shows all together for hours and give the viewers variety. It is what the viewers have asking for but Hallmark’s Programming Dept. Doesn’t listen.

  17. I agree that the old tv rating system is OUT. There is no truth in that. I love the new format for MSLO. I like that the programming is cohesive, and the advertising seems to be a better fit for the lifestyle.
    I know each day my DVR will not record the Martha Stewart show. My DVR always records Martha’s Garden reruns instead, there is a problem somewhere. Don’t ever forget the marketing genius of Martha Stewart. Set back, relax and watch the long term results. Long live the Queen of All Things Domestic.

  18. Keen Observer – relevance is only important if you are in a viable business.
    Lets step back a moment. Hallmark has been in financial trouble for a number of years now. The beginning of the downfall was the sale of their movie library. This left them with limited content to run. The network itself has been ageing up for the past 3 years, to where it is now somewhere around 61+, not a desireable demo.
    The Abbott strategy was to try and transform Hallmark into a lifestyle network, while launching Hallmark Movie Channel, getting it distributed, and then having both a movie channel and a lifestyle network in place. That overall strategy was sound if it was well executed, but it has not been.
    First, siging Martha and handing her over 7 hours of your programming day was a mistake. No competent executive would have done that, especially in locking the channel into the committment. Starting with a 2 hour block, perhaps mirrored somewhere else later in the day would have been sound, and allowed the channel to “play”, slowly trying to grow and convert added viewers to the channel.
    The major issue here is that there is NO money, and ADU is now through the roof.
    While Bill’s initial thoughts around changing the channel were good, he has NOT listened to anyone working there, and only gone by his own intuition, rather than utilizing an experienced staff and their input into how to make it successful.
    With this failure, Hallmark will not even be a channel in another 2 years. The debt load is now greater than the channel could sell for, and unless the Halls decide to give it away to a major network group, no one is going to pay any money for it.ratings will continue downward, until it just shuts down. I’ll pay a few million for the distribution, but thats about it.

  19. martha stewart was a huge mistake..now i see there are also other things going on underneath…take martha stewart off or limit her and at least the ratings will go back up…this is so sad

  20. A channel of reruns was a “huge mistake” for Hallmark that has cost billions of dollars and no viable future. Hallmark has now rectified that “huge mistake” with the smart move to add unique, excellent home and lifestyle programming from Martha Stewart Living.
    With quality programming, Martha Stewart Living ensures the long-term survival of the Hallmark channel, which continues to show reruns. So, it’s in the self-interest of all loyal rerun fans to be open-minded about the excellent programming from Martha Stewart Living.
    Certainly, there is no “huge mistake” in Hallmark becoming a viable channel of excellence, hosting the Martha Stewart Show, which won the Emmy for Outstanding Lifestyle Program earlier this year.

  21. Martha is more moral than “Once loved Hallmark.” Martha has lived a squeeky-clean life to this very day. Only a morally-depraved liar, who is clueless about the facts, can lie that she “lied and cheated.” She “spent time in prison” because of grossly incompetent legal representation. The Martha Stewart case stands as a condemnation of every aspect of the legal system.
    Martha did nothing wrong. She was targeted for destruction for political gain by Bush and his goons, and the criminal justice system was abused and misused on her for politcal gain.
    Contrary to the perjuring stealth juror who crowed, “victory for the little guys” and “message to the big wigs,” no evidence existed of any wrongdoing by Martha. Not one single word spoken by her or any Bush goon was recorded in a transcript or in sworn testimony. The big-time charge (10 years prison, $2 million fine) was thrown out in court because it was completely bogus and trumped-up, just like all the other bogus charges that were enabled, aided, and abetted by grossly incompetent legal representation and piled on to get her to cop a plea.
    Martha made a small personal sale of ImClone stock, which was perfectly legal under the securities laws that have existed for over 70 years. Only a mere two months earlier, she made the decision to SELL ALL of her ImClone stock in a tender offer from Bristol-Myers based on sound investment management principles. That is the fundamental truth of her case. In this democracy, having bought the stock with her honest-earned funds, she had every right to sell the stock at a time of her choosing; she owed nobody any explanation for the sale, why she sold the stock was nobody’s business, including the Bush goons; and every cent in gain was her rightful property in this democracy.
    “Martha will never be accepted…It’s hard to admire…” only if you have a servile mindset and brainwashed with misinformation, disinformation and misrepresentation. Wrongfully persecuted for political gain, Martha has triumphed over evil in stunning style, and she has moved on with her life in an extraordinary, inspiring fashion. Martha remains as American as apple pie.

  22. We’re supposed to take seriously comments from “Hallmark Insider”…a supposed employee of Hallmark who loves his/her company so much that he/she goes anonymously onto a public forum and attempts to damage the reputation of the source of his/her paycheck? It sounds much more like a jealous person passed over for a job or a fired employee. If it IS an actual Hallmark employee then it’s one with extremely poor judgment. Is junior high school behavior with a forum.

  23. keen observer, get the facts! You are a Martha fan and may not want to face the truth but Martha is guilty of lying to the Feds and that is Why she spent time in camp cupcake (prison). It was not because she had a bad Lawyer, she lied! Period, plain and simple and it is a matter of public record!
    Another fact, Hallmark is a sinking ship and Bill Abbott is to blame. There simply aren’t enough Martha fans to give Hallmark the ratings they need to pull off airing all that Martha and the other Lifestyle shows, the proof is the ratings, they do NOT lie. There are already too many other networks that sir this type of programming and people are losing interest in all of it. It gets to a point you just grow tired of it. I once loved Emeril’s show but got burned on BAM. I have spoken to a lot of people who say the same thing. It’s been done and we all have the tee-shirts.

  24. By the way, I don’t think Hallmark Insider sounds like a jealous person passed over for a job or a fired employee. My guess would be it’s someone upset over the the changes in a once good/sound company and I know how that can be since I once worked for a company I loved that went under because of our CEO and his decisions.

  25. This is a very public page and only a fool would disclose their identity. Hallmark Insider, I believe what you are saying. Those who make such nasty remarks are either working for Hallmark and told to post or fans of Martha who don’t like the low rating of her shows. Some people refuse to accept the truth.
    Not everything that is honest and true is pleasant and we don’t always want to recognize the truth because it’s not so easy to accept.

  26. Insider – Why don’t you just go get a job someplace else? Or, can’t you get hired anyplace else?

  27. MTV’ers Take, Do you have a job opening for this person? In case you aren’t aware, we are in a very severe recession and millions of people are jobless. Finding another job is NOT easy in the best of circumstances but right now it’s almost impossible.
    Just because this person spoke his/her mind about the employer, everyone acts acts like Hallmark insider is the bad guy. It is quite possible he or she is 100 honest and correct.
    I don’t work at Hallmark but I’m willing to bet this person is scared because of all the changes and in my opinion so are most of the employees of Hallmark. They are all on shaky ground with that company at this point and time. Ratings have really dropped with the new programing and I can see that moral would be down.

  28. The “Hallmark Insider” is, obviously, a high-level employee who needs to be identified and terminated. This saboteur cares nothing about quality programming for the Hallmark Channel and the American family. Indeed, it may be wise for Bill Abbott to make a clean sweep of his programming department.

  29. “Hallmark is sinking,” I must confess I’m no kool-aid drinker – show me objective evidence. I am an American who believes our Constitution protects the life and liberty of all American citizens, including Martha Stewart. Martha’s constitutional rights under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments were trampled upon with impunity as a result of grossly incompetent legal representation.
    Any attorney who is an apologist for the egregious legal malpractice in her bogus case is completely devoid of any professional ethics and integrity.
    Some people are so hopelessly brainwashed that they are beyond the realm of reason and logic. So, they are in a state of denial on the facts, making the mindless assertion “…she lied…it is a matter of public record…” when there is an evidentiary void. Martha was framed in a conspiracy of Bush goons and railroaded on bogus charges.
    A bedrock principle of our legal system is the presumption of innocence – not the presumption of “guilty of lying to the Feds”; no presumption of truth resided with the Bush goons. If Martha had ignored the Bush goons and gone about her business, they could not touch her with a ten-foot pole.
    The Hallmark Channel has been a “sinking ship” for years with losses and debt of almost $2 billion that had no Abbott connection. Bill Abbott is transforming Hallmark into a viable channel of excellence for the American Family. Certinly, the belief “…proof is the ratings, they do NOT lie” relates solely to trash programming with no relevance to quality programming. The excellent original programming of Martha Stewart Living exists nowhere else on television, and only a junk food addict living in a pigstye would “just grow tired of it.”

  30. With the know-it-all speculating, it appears “Success” is the middle name of “Industry Passerby.”
    Executing the lifestyle strategy with a “2 hour block” would be no execution at all; Hallmark would continue to be a channel of reruns. “…slowly trying to grow and convert added viewers to the channel…” would be a slow boat to nowhere; losses would continue and the channel would cease to exist in two years.
    The bold, decisive execution of the lifestyle strategy by Bill Abbott with Martha Stewart Living was no “mistake” in transforming Hallmark into a viable channel of excellent original programming for the American Family, while retaining the reruns.
    Abbott’s “experienced staff” generated losses and a $2 billion debt over the years – what new “success” could possibly come from established incompetence?
    There is no “failure” in excellent programming for the American Family. Because of new long-term viability, the $2 billion debt was restructured into equity so no debt load exists. The 2010-11 inventory sold at CPMs 20 percent higher, an increase reflecting “the significant rate increases Hallmark was able to command because of the Martha Stewart-powered lifestyle programming block.” With Martha Stewart Living coming to Hallmark, advertising increased 25% over the prior year and this brought quality advertisers to Hallmark who would never before advertise on the channel.
    The Nielsen ratings dinosaur has no relevance to the lifestyle transformation of Hallmark by Martha Stewart Living. When completed, it will be an iconic channel for the American way of life.

  31. Hey “Easy to Judge” – You are clearly the Hallmark Insider. Please learn how to spell morale – your ignorance gives yourself away and shows you are adding multiple posts to this sight under different names.

  32. And P.S. – you’re an idiot.

  33. I couldn’t agree more. ‘keen observer’ needs to change handles to ‘obviously biased advocate’… I don’t work in this industry but I can’t understand how anyone could argue that the new programming has been a success. It has been absolutely tragic. I figured they would fall off a cliff for at least a little while, but these numbers even shocked me given the money poured into publicizing the move. Keen – do you think eventually the ratings are going to take a dramatic turn, or do you just ignore the ratings since you argue they are unimportant anyhow?

  34. I couldn’t agree more. ‘keen observer’ needs to change handles to ‘obviously biased advocate’… I don’t work in this industry but I can’t understand how anyone could argue that the new programming has been a success. It has been absolutely tragic. I figured they would fall off a cliff for at least a little while, but these numbers even shocked me given the money poured into publicizing the move. Keen – do you think eventually the ratings are going to take a dramatic turn, or do you just ignore the ratings since you argue they are unimportant anyhow?

  35. I can promise and assure in the name of my Lord that I am not Hallmark insider. My ignorance as you call it is because I’m quite ill and my brain is affected by my illness. I always use spell check but it doesn’t always correct words as they should be.
    You shouldn’t be so quick to judge others, you never know the truth. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    Furthermore, I am a longtime fan of Hallmark channel. I loved the family shows, many with Christian undertones which is rare in these times of so much trash on TV. I don’t hate Martha BUT I feel she is more suited for one of the many networks that air that type of thing. Millions of us with high family values have a hard time finding shows that Hallmark airs. Not all of gets GMC which also airs the family friendly shows.
    Hallmark expected Martha to pull off a miracle but it’s not going to happen. I’m not being hateful, just honest. Yes Martha has a lot of fans but not enough to pull Hallmark out of the fire.
    If Hallmark would listen to the viewers and do a variety of shows that are not back to back for hours, it would increase the ratings quite a bit and if they didn’t change the schedule every other week.

  36. Sorry, this comment got misplaced and obviously posted twice. The comments made under “Really?” were obviously posted by keen observer again, under a different heading.

  37. You do that!


  39. I have to say that in this economy when there are so many great people who can’t find a job, I find your comments appalling. You obviously are employed and there are people out there who would love to work for Hallmark Channel. Did Martha debut to great ratings, no? But, you can’t give up right away. Mad Men didn’t start off strong, neither did Monk or even Seinfeld. Stop blaming the company and naming names when you won’t put your own name by your comment. Be thankful you have a job working for a top cable network.

  40. I would like to share with you that there are so many terrific, smart, hard working employees with great integrity who are committed to doing the best they can for The Hallmark Channel . The comments made by some on this blog are so hurtful to those trying to make a difference. Please go back to work and use your energy for what you are being paid to do.

  41. “…many terrific, smart, hard working employees with great integrity who are committed to doing the best…” will work to sabotage the excellent Martha Stewart Living lifestyle programming until there is an internal clean sweep of the “Hallmark insider” and ilk.
    Hallmark should cease denying viewers the Martha Stewart Living shows by getting the Hallmark channel back on AT&T U-Verse and settle the matter of its hold-out with AT&T.
    Until the saboteurs of the “Hallmark insider” and ilk are out, there will be no decisive shift of strategy to a channel of lifestyle programming, and the Hallmark channel will remain a channel lacking relevance with reruns and no viable, long-term future.

  42. “…obviously posted by keen observer again, under a different heading” if hallucinating.
    A rational mind that’s not hallucinating and not hyperventilating over the Nielsen ratings dinosaur would understand the transition from free broadcast tv to pay cable cannot be seamless with the fee-fixing price barrier, regardless of “money poured into publicizing the move.” There is the hardcore reality, “we are in a very severe recession and millions of people are jobless.” And, most remarkably, Hallmark is denying viewers the Hallmark Channel on AT&T U-Verse, a status that’s unresolved.
    The Nielsen dinosaur, whose ratings are hocus-pocus, voodoo concocted in secrecy with no transparency, has relevance to the trash programming of broadcast tv and no relevance for quality tv programming for the American Family, which is at the foundation of a strong America that’s not wracked with violence, corruption and crime. The excellent lifestyle programming of the Martha Show and Martha Stewart Living on the Hallmark channel contributes to a strong family life that’s foundational for making America the best country in the world to live a civilized life.
    Nielsen is toxic to quality television, and the Nielsen ratings dinosaur’s devouring excellent tv programming is “absolutely tragic” for “America the Beautiful.”

  43. People of Hallmark, its obvious from the outside looking in what is going on here. You will all be jobless within the next 3 years. MSLO is a wounded animal, a very dangerous wounded animal. They are very good at doing one thing, STAYING ALIVE. Objective Evidence: Despite tragically low numbers the past 5 years they are very good at selling advertising. They know their small niche is very appealing to their sponsors. Hallmark however does not have this strength, MSLO is using you for your cable market penetration. It doesn’t matter if MSLO’s numbers are down, those folks KNOW how to sell their product. They will fight, cheat, and steal their way to profits. Hallmark is a speed bump on the route to the Martha Stewart Channel. I’m sorry but based on what I’ve seen in the cable industry the past 20 years, your days are numbered. Start working on your resumes people, get out before its too late as you cannot expect any kind of good severance package from MSLO, a company that treats its television workers only slightly better than the 11 year olds who make iPods in China. Television is only a means to an end for MSLO. Sell the product!! That’s all that matters!
    It pains me to say this to you as I know you all have wives, husbands, and children to feed. Do whats right by you, there is no loyalty in business, only money. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES FIRST! Staying on a sinking ship has nothing to do with honoring a commitment, or doing what’s right by Hallmark, its just bad business. It’s pure capitalism, businesses are born, they thrive, they suffer, and they die. You’re network is dying, stop denying it and move on with your life. No one will blame you. It’s the only way things will get better.
    Best of Luck!

  44. Crystal, you make perfect sense and I have to agree that that’s the way most of see it.

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