Video: Jon Stewart Pulls No Punches With Obama in Interview

Oct 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

President Barack Obama got grilled with tough questions during his visit to Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show," reports the Los Angeles Times.

Stewart asked the president about "timid legislation" to reform the country’s healthcare system, its economic recovery and financial reform. He also asked the president whether it would be possible to keep alive the inspiration of his 2008 campaign.

Obama responded that his administration’s work is unfinished and that he promised "change you can believe in", not "change you can believe in in 18 months." Obama’s appearance marks the first time a sitting president has accepted in invitation to appear on the program.

According to TheWrap,  comedian Andy Borowitz Tweeted on Wednesday: “Tonight on ‘The Daily Show,’ the most powerful man in America will sit down with Barack Obama.”

In fact, Stewart was recently named the most influential man in America in a survey conducted by AskMen.com.

Here’s the video of the Barack-Stewart interview:

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  1. If anyone who believed that Jon Stewart only promoted “the left” the way Fox promotes “the right” only has to watch the interview. Here you see that Jon is only interested in what will repair broken systems and help move this country forward. If only we could get the 535 congressmen (and Fox) to do the same instead of thinking party first, country second.

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