With Feud Between Cablevision and Fox Continuing, Viewers Look More Likely to Miss the World Series; Also, the NFL Network Now Wants In on Cablevision Action

Oct 25, 2010  •  Post A Comment

With Cablevision and Fox continuing their feud, it’s increasingly likely that Cablevision customers will be shut out from watching the World Series on Fox stations in New York and Philadelphia, reports the New York Times.

Separately, according to the New York Post, the "NFL Network, hoping to reach a carriage agreement with Cablevision and bring its Thursday night games to the cable company’s 3 million subscribers, has asked the Long Island-based company’s CEO, James Dolan, to accept the same binding arbitration process Dolan is insisting Fox agree to, sources familiar with the situation said."

In the dispute between Fox and Cablevision, Fox local stations in those markets have been blacked out for more than a week, and both sides haven’t spoken to each other since Thursday, the Times story notes. News Corp., the parent of Fox, is holding out for the price it believes the network deserves for its TV shows, while Cablevision wants the government to intervene. Meanwhile, Fox will start broadcasting the World Series on Wednesday. That may prompt some Cablevision viewers to either switch pay-TV providers or buy an antenna.

But, as previously reported, the Federal Communications Commission has given both companies until the end of Monday to show evidence of "good faith negotiations."  This could result in the agency using methods such as a fine to reach a resolution, although in the past, the FCC has been reluctant to get involved in retransmission battles, the Times article notes.


  1. Buy an antenna?? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. K Dogg,
    That would require effort!
    You know these lazy couch potatoes can’t do the ONLY thing that would help keep cable prices down, DON’T WATCH!
    If as many people payed as close attention to politics as they did sports, and actually showed up to vote, we might actually have a functioning government.

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