Video: Coroner’s Report In on Ronni Chasen Murder. Reading Report, Ex-Homicide Detective Says ‘The way [Chasen] was hit it definitely appears to be targeted’ and shooter was ‘not run-of-the-mill gangster’

Nov 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

KTTV, a Fox owned-and-operated TV station in Los Angeles, has obtained a copy of the coroner’s report about the murder of film publicist Ronni Chasen.

On Wednesday night, November 24th, during its newscast the station aired a segment based on what was in the coroner’s report. The segment also featured reported Tony Valdez interviewing retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Gil Carillo about the case.

Garillo investigated about 800 homicides during his career. He said the "The way [Chasen] was hit it definitely appears to be targeted" by a professional killer. The shooter was not your run-of-the-mill gangster, Garillo added, judging how close together the wounds were, and all clustered in the chest area. 

The coroner’s report said one bullet was recovered from Chasen’s body, and it was possible that it was a 9mm with a hollow point. 

Accoriding to Wikipedia, a hollow point bullet "has two interrelated purposes: to increase its size once within the target, thus maximizing tissue damage and blood loss or shock, and by remaining in the target to expend all of its kinetic energy in the target, some of which will be lost if the bullet continues through the target." 

Here’s the KTTV report:



  1. This tragic murder of Ronni Chasen may never be solved especially if it may have been a professional hit. The question is who ordered someone to murder her? What did she know? Will we ever know? Another case with no resolution.

  2. “According to wikipedia”?! Is that what passes for research/reporting now?

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