DirecTV Apparently Won’t Be Saving Any More Canceled Network Shows

Nov 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Friday Night Lights" and "Damages" are the end of the line as far as DirecTV’s efforts to save canceled dramas from other networks, reports TVbytheNumbers.com.

The story cites a Variety report indicating the powers that be at DirecTV have decided to focus on original programming and on bringing shows to TV that have never been broadcast in America. The satellite provider’s 101 Network, which has delighted fans of struggling shows by giving them a home after their network run, will be shifting its programming strategy, according to the report.

“Damages” will reportedly get a big marketing push in 2011, and that effort will represent the end of DirecTV’s focus on canceled U.S. shows.

The network was previously able to keep NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” alive for three extra seasons, and its pickup of “Damages,” which was scrapped earlier this year by FX, is expected to add two season to that show’s lifespan.


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  3. Friday Night Lights kept me a DirecTV subscriber. I will stay for Damages and then will get everything from the net. We are beginning the change from cable to internet similar to the change from Braodcast to cable that occurred in 1970-80’s.

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