‘ET’ Announcement Leaves Egos Bruised, Feathers Ruffled–And It’s Not Just Spurned Host Lara Spencer Who’s Upset

Nov 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Tuesday’s announcement that Mary Hart’s anchor chair on “Entertainment Tonight” will go to “Access Hollywood” host Nancy O’Dell–not “Insider” host Lara Spencer, as had been rumored–has ruffled the feathers of a few of the key players, according to the New York Post.

Spencer had reportedly been led to believe she had the "ET" job and even went so far as to move her family to Los Angeles. She’s now fuming over the decision, according to the story.

Meanwhile, Linda Bell Blue, the exec producer of "ET," also has reason to be upset. She reportedly had decided months ago not to give O’Dell the spot, but then O’Dell’s agent went directly to Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS–which owns “ET”–to push his client to the front of the field.

“They are already in full military mode to see how Nancy gets along with Linda,” the Post quotes an insider as saying.



  1. that was dumb of lara to move to LA before getting the job

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