Google CEO Schmidt Mocks Broadcasters for Slamming Google TV

Nov 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt had some damning words for the top broadcast networks during a keynote speech at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, reports Mediaweek.

Schmidt portrayed the broadcast networks as standing in the way of innovation by acting like protectionists, the story says. In a slightly mocking tone, he relayed the comments of one network executive, who said, "“Don’t you realize that you are taking a dumb TV and making it smarter?”

Schmidt doesn’t view a smarter TV as a problem, the story notes. "“The concern is that the enormous revenue stream is going to be somehow affected by Google TV. I disagree. People are going to watch more TV.”


  1. The enormous revenue stream doesn’t have to be shared with Google. That is the real message from teh Networks and Studios. They are going to make their own sites and let people link to them so that they get all the revenue for their own content.

  2. I don’t believe that is the case at all. Like the music industry has been doing for decades. With the release of cassettes they screamed bloody murder that sales would go down, when in fact sales doubled. Then comes CD’s and they freak out that people will make copies…. They successfully blocked Digital Audio Tape…
    Industries like the status quo… if the status quo is that they are making a boat load of money.
    I really believe that the networks and studios really have no idea what it is they are going to do. I’m sure they have lots of ideas…
    But networks and studios are not innovators. They are overprotective den mothers.
    Perhaps Google needs to do less damning and more coaxing… more proving.

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