Google’s Next Big Business: Apps (And How They Hope To Make a Fortune From Them)

Nov 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Google wants to make its next fortune from apps, according to Business Insider.

Primarily they will do it by "attracting more  more mid-size businesses," the article says.

The article adds, "According to Google Apps group product manager Rajen Sheth, who first pitched the idea of Apps to Google leadership back in 2004, here’s what they’re trying to do:

1. Convince businesses to use the cloud for everything;

2. Push interoperability; and

3. Push interoperability.

The article gives more details. For example, under "push interoperability" it says, "Rolling out new applications to users is costly. By building a single platform for apps, then convincing third-party developers to build their own apps for the Google Apps Marketplace, Google hopes to make it a lot easier. Users will be able to access a suite of more than 60 online applications with a single password, and information like contacts lists will be shared across all apps."

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