It IS Your Parent’s Facebook: Queen Elizabeth, 84, Joins the World’s Biggest Social Network–More Than 100,000 Likes So Far, and Lots of Controversy

Nov 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Queen Elizabeth II has joined Facebook.

And less than a day later the royal page has "become a a lightning rod for debate about the monarchy, with the palace web team forced to censor a string of offensive comments," reports the United Kingdom publication the Guardian.

The site has received more than 100.000 "likes," though no one is allowed to friend the Queen.

According to the story, "Alongside postings of support from monarchists, the profile has become the focus of comments from anti-royalists as well as Argentinians angry about the ongoing dispute over the Falkland Islands, Cornish nationalists and republicans. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said that moderators were forced to step in and take down abusive comments but added that there was no selective targeting of postings made by republicans."


  1. “Sentencing someone to a year in a labor camp, without trial, for simply repeating another person’s clearly satirical observation on Twitter demonstrates the level of China’s repression of online expression,” Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s director for the Asia-Pacific, said in a statement Thursday.

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