On Heels of San Francisco Banning Toys in Happy Meals is New Yale Study Blasting the Marketing Efforts of Fast Food Eateries

Nov 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fast food restaurants market too heavily to kids is one of the conclusions of a new study from Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity,the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to the article, " ‘Our results show that the fast food industry’s promises to market less unhealthy food to young people are not enough,’ said study co-author Kelly Brownell, director and co-founder of the Rudd Center, in a news release. ‘If they truly wish to be considered partners in public health, fast food restaurants need to drastically reduce the total amount of marketing that children and teens see for fast food and the iconic brands that sell it.’ "

The story adds, "Exposure to fast food advertising is escalating, according to the report. In 2009 preschoolers saw 56% more ads for Subway, 21% more ads for McDonald’s and 9% more ads for Burger King, compared with 2007. Children age 6 to 11 saw even more: 59% more ads for Subway, 26% more for McDonald’s and 10% more for Burger King.The report also found that African American kids and teens are exposed to at least 50% more fast food ads than their white counterparts."

As previously reported, just last week, concerned about the health of food targeting kids at fast food eateries,  the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have preliminarily banned toys from certain happy meals.


  1. How many preschoolers or kids under 12 years old do you see going into fast food resturants and ordering with out there parents? It the parents responsibility to see they eat correctly..

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