SAG, AFTRA Reach Tentative Agreement with Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers

Nov 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

SAG and AFTRA reached a tentative three-year deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers this weekend, with the unions receiving 2% annual wage increases, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

While that’s a modest gain, the unions won big with pension and health benefits, the story notes. Employers agreed to increase their contributions by 1.5%, at a time when boosts of 0.5% are more common, the story points out.

"In new media, an area of such contention in the last negotiating cycle, there was little change. Union jurisdiction was expanded slightly with a modification to the definition of “covered performers,” whose presence in a project is one trigger for union coverage," the story notes. "No other significant changes in new media are known at this time. Nor were there any changes in the area of performers working on performance capture sets, which had emerged as a priority for the union."


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