Time Warner Cable Experimenting With Concierge-Type Services–Specific Service Times, Personal Service Adviser–Plus Huge DVR Storage Capacity

Nov 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

If you’ve vowed that you’d be willing to pay up for not having to sit around waiting for the cable guy to appear, then Time Warner Cable may have a deal for you, reports Bloomberg News.

 Time Warner Cable is testing a new premium package with a $189.95 price tag that sets a specific service appointment time for customers, according to Chief Executive Glenn Britt. The package, called "Signature Home", is being tested in Charlotte, North Carolina and will be rolled out country-wide in a few weeks, the story says.

The premium package comes with a few more bells and whistles, though: the deal includes access to a "personal service adviser" 24 hours a day, and DVRs with a terabyte of storage that are able to record four high-definition programs at the same time. It also includes wireless service that can connect as many as 13 devices, from TVs to computers, it adds.


  1. On the whole, I’d prefer that TW “experiment” with debugging the DVR software. Or is it a “feature” that the Sunday recording I programmed on Saturday disappeared from the Scheduled Recordings list the next morning?

  2. Seriously. The DVR interface is ridiculously sow and is as advanced as software from 1999.

  3. *slow.
    Also, you have to SET it to record 1 min late or it cuts off your show.
    It’s super slow reacting to everything.
    And unlike DirectTV (also slow), it doesnt automatically rewind a few seconds after you’re done FF’ding.
    It’s 2010 for f’s sake!!

  4. The idea of paying extra to keep a cable guy on call is sad on so many levels…

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