Whoa! Check This Out: The New–Very Graphic–Warning Labels the FDA Is Proposing For Cigarette Packages

Nov 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

cigarette warning labels.jpg

Pictured above are three of the 36 new, graphic warning labels the Food and Drug Administration is proposing for cigarette packs, The New York Times reports.

According toe the article, "Designed to cover half of a pack’s surface area, the new labels are intended to spur smokers to quit by providing graphic reminders of tobacco’s dangers. The labels are required under a law passed last year that gave the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate tobacco products for the first time."

Furthermore, the story says, "The proposed labels include pictures of a man smoking from a tracheostomy tube inserted into his throat; a diseased lung; and a woman holding a baby in a smoke-filled room. The proposals stayed away from some of the more gruesome labels used in other countries, where pictures of blackened teeth and diseased mouths are common."

"’This is the most important change in cigarette health warnings in the history of the United States,’ said Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids," the story said, adding, "The labels unveiled on Wednesday are part of a proposed rule-making. The F.D.A. will accept public comment on the 36 proposed labels, and expects to choose the final nine by June. By Oct. 22, 2012, manufacturers will no longer be allowed to distribute cigarettes for sale in the United States that do not display the new graphic health warnings."


  1. This is absurd. I’m not a smoker, and I find it disgusting. But I think that most smokers know the dangers. Are they going to put these kinds of warning on alcohol?
    Or maybe on water, or on all the shit they put in our food that are slowly poisoning us, too?

  2. Who doesn’t know by now that cigarettes, if used as they are intended to be, will kill you eventually? What is the point of all this?
    I’m not a smoker, but this wouldn’t serve as a deterrent.
    I understand that NYC adds so much tax to a pack that the price is something like $11-$12 each. If enough people quit smoking, then what happens to all that proposed tax revenue? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  3. This is only new in the States. Canada has had this for years.

  4. FDA is a funded bureaucracy. No surprises. No. of smokers hasn’t been going down (post on my blog.)

  5. Yeah, sometimes the truth is hard to look at.

  6. I mean, I could see all this fuss over the guy if he’d led Jersey to the Finals

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