Yahoo Creating Its Own News Content: Expects to Post–Minimally– 2,000 Stories a Day Using 400,000 Freelancers. But Where Are the Story Editors?

Nov 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

On Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010, Yahoo will  launch the Yahoo Contributor Network of originally created news stories, our good friend David Lieberman of USA Today reports.

Heretofore, Yahoo has become "one of the Web’s most popular news sources by aggregating and featuring other people’s journalism," the story says.

Indeed, the article notes, currently "about 28% of those who get news online check Yahoo, ahead of CNN ‘s 16% and Google’s 15%, the Pew Research Center reported in August."

To create the originial news stories Yahoo will rely on "the Yahoo Contributor Network, harnessing 400,000 freelance writers, photographers and videographers from Associated  Content, a firm that Yahoo  bought in May." 

As far as payment to these folks goes, the story says, "About  a third of contributors are paid modestly upfront or collect fees based on the number of people who access their work," that  article says, adding, "Others forego payment  to share views or interests with a large audience."

Yahoo’s General Manager, Luke Beatty, told USA Today that Yahoo expects to post "2,000 stories a day, and that number grows every day."

The conclusion of the article says that Beatty "doesn’t know how many editors review the stories, but he says computers check to be sure nothing is plagiarized or offensive."


  1. Headline—its, not it’s.

  2. Let me get this straight:
    400,000 contributors. No editors (except for automated checking for outright plagiarism).
    And they get paid based on the number of clicks.
    Yeah, THAT’S a formula for honest journalism… Glad to know my years in J-School have been put to good use…

  3. Welcome to the “Newz” business for the Idiocracy…

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