A Telecast This Week Was Cable’s Most-Watched Show of 2010

Dec 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

While the broadcast networks aired reruns and endured a dismal night of ratings earlier this week–and Spanish-language broadcaster Univision topped all the English-language broadcast nets in the key18-49 demo–cable was putting on its blockbuster show of 2010, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Dec. 27 ESPN broadcast of the "Monday Night Football" game between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints was the most-watched cable program of 2010, according to the report. More than 19 million viewers tuned in to the NFC game, which may have been a preview of a playoff showdown to decide who goes to the Super Bowl.

By comparison, the highest viewership total for any program on the broadcast networks that night was about half that, 9.7 million, for CBS’s repeat of "Two and a Half Men." 

The 41st season of “Monday Night Football" was the best ever in the telecast’s ESPN era, the story says.


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