‘CBS Morning News’ Co-Anchor Wishes He Could Have Helped Ratings

Dec 2, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"CBS Morning News" co-anchor Harry Smith, who was officially dismissed from the perennially third-place morning program on Tuesday along with co-anchors Maggie Rodriguez and Dave Price, says he is "disappointed that I wasn’t able to help CBS more from a ratings perspective,” The New York Times Media Decoder blog reports.

“It’s a tough racket. There’s only so much audience to go around,” he told The Times. 

“One of the givens is that the ‘Today’ show is as good at what they do as anybody–just about as good as anything in any business,” he told The Times, adding about the No 1-rated competition, “They are formidable. They are absolutely formidable.”

Second-place "Good Morning America,’ he added, “is good at what they do, too.”


  1. if thats all the perspective the likes of mr smith can offer re mornings – ie “the today show is good, and GMA is good too,….” is it any wonder their attempt at a morning show falls short? thats like a baseball team saying “well, the yankees are good so we’re gonna lose…”. Problem is, the Yankees didn’t win this year did they….

  2. Harry and the crew were just all right. Their politics are so obviously left of center and believe it or not, those days in media have really come and gone! So farewell to another comparatively lousy morning show with talent that is smooth on camera but otherwise uninspired. So now what, CBS? Back to Captain Kangaroo? These new people may “Jump off the screen”… but where will they land?

  3. I did not know CBS had a morning show and who the hell is Harry Smith? Makes ya sick!

  4. I have enjoyed the CBS Morning show over the others since Charles Gibson left Good Morning America several years ago. I find Harry Smith’s exuberance and humor refreshing and will miss it.

  5. Harry’s comments provide more insight than initially appears. ABC and CBS just do ok duplicates of Today. If someone wants to knock Today off of the perch, they need to come up with something different in the morning. Not the same old news and interview show with a cooking segment.

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  12. Now that Harry Smith and Dave Price are gone so am I.

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