Comcast Testing Set-Top Box that Delivers Both TV and Internet

Dec 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Comcast is trying out a new service that would provide both TV and Web content through a single set-top box,CNET reports. [CNET is expounding on a story first reported by the Wall St. Journal. We are linking to the CNET story because the WSJ is behind a firewall and might charge you to see its story.]

Says the CNET article, "The service, codenamed Xcalibur, would outfit subscribers with a set-box that lets them watch certain Web videos and search for live, on-demand, and recorded shows, according to The Wall Street Journal. Currently being tested by Comcast customers in Augusta, Ga., the service is seen as Comcast’s response to competitors such as Google TV and Apple TV as well as subscribers cutting the cord on their cable TV subscriptions in favor of online content."

But, initially at least, the service does not allow consumers full access to the Internet. Instead, says the CNET article, the service "offers access to limited Web programming and basic connections to social networks."

The CNET piece also states that the set-top boxes used by Comcast in the test "receive TV programming through traditional cable but get their Web content via IP technology. That same IP technology could also help Comcast deploy new interfaces and other changes to the system more quickly, added the Journal."


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