FCC Chairman Wants to Put Conditions on Comcast-NBC Merger

Dec 27, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Comcast’s goal of getting government approval for its $30 billion merger with NBC Universal got a boost when Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed to approve the deal–as long as the companies agree to conditions, the Los Angeles Times’ Joe Flint and Meg James report.

Genachowski on Thursday circulated a proposed order to approve the deal to the four other FCC commissioners, who will review the proposal and vote on it in the next few weeks, the story notes. His proposed conditions would aim to keep Comcast from favoring its own content over that of competitors and would make it tough for the cable giant to keep its content from rivals, the story notes.

The conditions would apply only to Comcast, and not the industry as a whole. One requirement would force Comcast to provide programming to an online video service if competitors such as ABC or Fox were also providing content, the story says.


  1. Again I will write, NO to the COMCAST/NBC-UNIVERSAL deal.
    Chairman Julius Genachowski should be removed from his post on more than one count, but let’s start with this one.
    No one in the national viewing public will be served by this deal. Just a few already filthy rich pockets will be pushed to over-flowing on the monies gained from the commissions on the transaction. The rest of us will see our viewing options reduced, the conduit made smaller and the profits, again, of a few multiplied.
    What happened to the term, “The public’s interests, necessities and concerns”?
    Peter Bright

  2. Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.

  3. People who have devoted their lives to broadcasting all over the United States are being put on hold based on the extended period of time this merger is taking.
    Let the merger happen already.
    The FREE market will tell us all if this was a good thing.
    Only a few years a go FOX was just a second thought. ABC, NBC and CBS brushed them off. Google was not even a wisper at 30 Rock or Black Rock.
    Let the FREE market pick the winners. People know how to change the channel….
    New Networks across multiple platforms will spring up to fill ANY void.

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