Hugh Jackman, Making a Dramatic Entrance, Is Injured in Taping of ‘Oprah’ in Australia

Dec 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Aussie actor Hugh Jackman was making a dramatic entrance on Oprah Winfrey’s Australian show using a harness and wire set called a flying fox when he injured himself, causing the taping to be suspended while he received medical attention, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The star of "Wolverine" was bleeding from underneath his right eye, and later appeared on his scheduled interview segment with a fresh black eye and a bandage on the wound, the story says.

The accident happened during one of two shows scheduled for production in and around the Sydney Opera House. "Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure" is a partnership between Winfrey’s show and Tourism Australia to boost the number of Americans who travel to Oz, the story notes.

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