Latest in Chasen Murder Investigation: Police Reportedly Checking To See If Past Burglary at Chasen’s Residence Is Connected To Her Death. Another Report Says Cops Still Considering Road Rage As Reason For Attack on Chasen

Dec 3, 2010  •  Post A Comment

WIth the latest twist in the Ronni Chasen murder investigation having been a suspect, or person of interest, killing himself before he could be questioned, police are still trying to figure out a motive for her murder, according to various media  reports.

ABC News says, "About three years ago, Chasen’s residence was burglarized, a case which police are now looking at more closely to see if Chasen testified against anyone who may now be out of prison, or if there is any other connection."

The article continues, " ‘My LAPD sources confirm that Ronni Chasen, who lived in West L.A., not in Beverly Hills, was the victim of a burglary which wasn’t just a run of the mill looking for cash kind of burglary, but it appears that it was also something that was very personal in nature in that the items that were stolen from her were not necessarily items of value but more like items of family heirlooms, things that would have emotional value,’ said Robin Sax, a former prosecutor, in an exclusive GMA [‘Good Morning America’] interview."

Over at TMZ.com, a report says, "Sources connected with the criminal probe into the Ronni Chasen murder tell TMZ Ronni had a temper and road rage is a scenario cops are seriously investigating. We’re told cops are interested in the road rage theory as it relates to the suicide of the man last night who was the object of a search warrant connected to the murder."

Furthermore TMZ has reported that "the [full name of  the] man who shot himself in the head is Harold Martin Smith." 

E! Online has written about Chasen’s will. To read a summary of her will, please click here. To read Chasen’s entire will, please click here.


  1. Its not Road Rage. Anyone who lives in that area knows that Sunset is dead after 10:30p west of Doheny, expecially on a Monday night. Its a professional

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