Sears, Kmart Roll Out Online Video Rentals, Sell TV Episodes for $1.99

Dec 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

An online video rental store debuted Tuesday from Sears and Kmart, with the digital service selling shows and movies by the title, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That means the store, called Alphaline Entertainment, is similar to Apple’s iTunes and less like Netflix’s model, which charges a monthly fee for access to digital titles, the story notes.

Kmart and Sears, which are both owned by Sears Holdings, are using the RoxioNow platform, which is owned by Sonic Solutions. As previously reported, Sonic Solutions is being bought by Rovi Corp.

Alphaline sells television episodes for $1.99 each and movies for $19.95, while films rent for $3.99. The service doesn’t allow customers to burn most content to a DVD, the story adds.

TV shows that are available include "Fringe," "Two and a Half Men" and "Human Target."


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