New Book by Gay Anchorman Criticizes New York TV Station Where He Once Worked

Jan 28, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A new book by a former New York City anchorman takes a critical look at the way his former station operates, reports the New York Daily News.

Charles Perez, who left WABC-TV two years ago for a job in Miami, writes in "Confessions of a Gay Anchorman" that, "Bottom line: WABC was by far the most overstaffed facility I’ve ever worked in; it was the slowest at doing anything" and "in addition, nearly everyone, including myself, was paid stupid amounts of money," the story notes.

He also writes that he wasn’t treated well at the station, noting, "I would learn the hard way that these were not nice people."

The story says Perez takes aim at Diana Williams, Liz Cho, Bill Ritter and Sam Champion. The article notes that the book contains some inaccuracies, such as referring to the late critic Joel Siegel as Gene Shalit. The piece also says that insiders at the station declined to talk on the record about the book.

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  1. Has publishing gone down so far that there are no editors or proof readers that would have caught something as obvious as Joel Siegel for Gene Shalit?

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