Saying Show Isn’t a Fit for its Brand, Major Advertiser Pulls Ads from MTV’s ‘Skins’

Jan 21, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Saying that the show isn’t the right fit for its brand, a major advertiser has pulled its ads from MTV’s scripted program "Skins," reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The advertiser is Taco Bell. According to the story, "Spokesperson Rob Poetsch tells The Hollywood Reporter, ‘We advertise on a variety of MTV programs that reach our core demographic of 18 to 34 year olds, which included the premiere episode of ‘Skins.’ Upon further review, we’ve decided that the show is not a fit for our brand and have moved our advertising to other MTV programming."

The move comes after the Parents Television Council urged consumers to contact Taco Bell to protest its presence on the show, the article adds.

As we previously reported, MTV executives have grown concerned that the racy show about teenagers may violate federate child pornography laws.


  1. The previews for this show disgust me. I am about done with MTV. Period. How much demoralizing CRAP can one channel carry?

  2. Ed – I’m just curious (I’m not trying to judge), but what is your demographic? I really don’t watch MTV much (I’m a 37 year old gay man, so I do watch a few things – you know us gays can’t let go of some things). I have no interest in Skins and clearly you don’t either, but if you’re not in their demo, not sure if it matters. Same as if I said I was going to stop watching MTV.

  3. The show is a poor copy of the fine original. That even this is too much for Taco Bell, makes me understand why I don’t care much about their products.

  4. If anyone is even asking if Skins goes too far with Teenagers… then they are obviously going too far. Just fix the stupid show or cancel it. MTV is already losing a ton of advertisement on it.

  5. AJ, just curious, since you’re “not sure if it matters,” do you have any moral standards at all? Should it matter whether anyone has any programming or advertising standards? MTV hasn’t had any practically since day one back in the ’80s, and they certainly aren’t going to stop pushing the envelope now. At least Taco Bell has some business sense, even if they have few to no advertising environmental standards. Whether I am in their target demo or not, it matters…I don’t want my kids exposed to such nastiness.

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