‘Star Trek’ Writer/Producer Laments Lack of Gay Characters on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Deep Space Nine,’ Says New Sci-Fi Show He’s Working On Needs to Have Some Gay Characters and/or Gay Content

Jan 28, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Brannon Braga, a writer and producer for the "Star Trek" franchise, tells the Website AfterElton.com that he believes it was a shame that later "Star Trek" installments such as "The Next Generation" and "Enterprise" never included gay characters.

"I’m talking about ‘The Next Generation,’ ‘Deep Space Nine,’ and there was a constant back and forth about well how do we portray the spectrum of sexuality," Braga said. "There were people who felt very strongly that we should be showing casually, you know, just two guys together in the background in Ten Forward. At the time the decision was made not to do that, and I think those same people would make a different decision now because I think, you know, that was 1989, well yeah about ‘89, ‘90, ’91."

Braga, who is working on Fox’s "Terra Nova," said the pilot for the science-fiction show doesn’t have any gay characters or content, but he added, "We are trying to build a society, you know, build a utopia really … I’m glad you bring it up because it’s something we should be attending to."


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