TLC Host Sounds Off on Sarah Palin

Jan 4, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Clinton Kelly, the co-host of TLC’s "What Not to Wear," isn’t too fond of sharing the same network with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Kelly commented on Palin during an appearance on HLN’s "The Joy Behar Show," in which he called Palin’s show, "Sarah Palin’s Alaska", "an eight-hour informercial," the article notes.

"She basically stands for everything I don’t stand for or I’m against," he noted. "I hate somebody who’s, like, Oh, look at nature. Look at this beautiful Alaska. … Look how beautiful everything is. Let’s go kill something … because we need some meat in the refrigerator."

Behar agreed, noting, "As if anybody in New York City can relate to this."



  1. If Clinton Kelly is really so upset about being on the same network as Sarah Palin, he can always quit. It’s easy to give lip service to an idea. It takes real guts to follow up your words with action. Show the network who’s really The Boss. Tell them you refuse to be on the same network as Sarah Palin and quit. That will show the world you mean what you say. Otherwise, Clinton will be perceived as just trying to generate publicity by denigrating someone that is a lot more popular than him. It will be interesting to see if he really means what he says or if he’s just a publicity hound.

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