Verizon Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality

Jan 21, 2011  •  Post A Comment

In what is seen as the first major challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s new net neutrality rules, Verizon is suing the agency to try to get a court to overturn the rules, PC Magazine reports.

“Verizon’s court challenge is exactly what some consumer groups and net neutrality supporters feared might happen after the FCC released its final net neutrality rules,” the magazine writes. “Those rules abandoned plans to reclassify broadband as a telecom service, relying instead on existing communications laws to establish the FCC’s authority over the Web.

“Ditching reclassification, known in DC speak as Title II, was an olive branch to companies like Verizon, which were vehemently opposed to the proposal. With that removed, even Comcast seemed to be OK with the plan, while consumers groups were incensed.”

The FCC responded to the Verizon action with a statement saying commissioners are "confident our Open Internet Order is legally sound and are prepared to defend it in any forum.”

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