Wonder What Dr. Drew Would Say: Sheen to Rehab at Home; Expected to Be Away From Work For Three Months

Jan 31, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Charlie Sheen has found a very convenient place for his rehab: Chez Sheen.

"TMZ has learned he’s doing rehab at home," the TMZ website reports, continuing, "Sources connected with the actor tell us … CBS, Warner Bros. and Charlie put their heads together and found an expert in addiction they think can help Charlie conquer his demons.The expert and other professionals are coming to Charlie’s gated community in L.A., in no small part for privacy reasons."

In a separate story, TMZ also reports Sheen will be in rehab for the next three months, which will affect the next eight episodes of "Two and a Half Men." The crew of the show is concerned, since they are worried about not getting a paycheck, the story notes. It employs 300 people.

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  1. Each member of a production has a responsibility to all other crew members – actors and behind-the-scenes staff…and that is not to affect others jobs in a negative way. Since Charley’s personality seems to coincide with his character on the show – my suggestion is not to punish his crew mates by layoff’s and instead write around Charlie’s character until he returns to the set, a brief mention that his character is in rehab ought to do it. That way the show does not lose momentum and others don’t lose their paychecks. People have to keep a roof over their heads and pay their bills like everyone else in this world. Lets do the right thing Warner Brothers… – Andrew Boggs, BA – PS: Best Wishes For Charlie Sheen’s recovery!

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