3D Bust: Toshiba Sells 50% Fewer 3D TV Sets Than It Had Projected–And These Are the 3D Sets That Don’t Require Any Glasses!

Feb 4, 2011  •  Post A Comment

During its first month of sales, glasses-free 3-D television sets have failed to attract as many buyers as Toshiba had estimated, reports Bloomberg News

Toshiba started selling the sets in late December, and has sold just 500 of the 20-inch models, which cost almost $3,000, and fewer of the less expensive 12-inch set, the story says.

The Tokyo-based company had hoped to sell 1,000 units of each model per month, the article adds.

The slow sales are the latest sign that consumers aren’t jumping to adopt 3D television sets, the article notes.

Toshiba, which showed bigger prototypes at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is trying to get larger-screen models to consumers in latter half of 2011, the article adds.

TVWeek, having seen these sets at the CES show last month, also suspects another reason for the slow sales is that the glasses-free 3D technology isn’t all that terrific yet. Couple that with a relatively high price point, and it’s a tough road to hoe.

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