Exit Laughing: Rainn Wilson, Who Plays Dwight on ‘The Office,’ Tells How Show Landed Will Ferrell

Feb 1, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Rainn WIlson, who plays Dwight on "The Office," tells Lynette Rice of EW.com’s Inside TV how the show landed Will Ferrell. And, no people, Wilson says, don’t expect Ferrell to replace the departing Steve Carell.

According to the article. " ‘Will is coming in as a possible boss but everyone knows he is not going to stay because he makes $20 million a film,’ Wilson said. ‘He’s got other fish to fry. He called us up. He called the producers and said ‘I heard Steve’s leaving and I would like to be a part of his exit some how. I’d like to be there for it.’ So they were like, ‘Hell’s yeah!’ I think it will be great because Will’s sense of humor is very much in line with our show’s sense of humor.’

The article adds that  Wilson said he believes the show will become "even more of an ensemble show. I think we will have more interesting arcs with guest stars.”

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  1. As a huge fan of The Office I can’t wait to see how Ferrell is used and how Carrell leaves…I think it will be with Holly, as a happy ending for the character will be the only kind that will satisfy fans. As a DISH customer/employee I use the TV Everywhere app on my iphone and have been able to watch my DVR’d episodes of The Office on my lunch break at work. It’s awesome. Can’t wait for this week’s episode.

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