Filming of ABC’s “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” Suspended By L.A. School District

Feb 4, 2011  •  Post A Comment

After a standoff with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the Los Angeles Unified School District has suspended filming of reality television shows, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town blog.

Oliver had been filming his "Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution"  at West Adams Preparatory High School in South Los Angeles for the past two weeks, but the LAUSD this week denied his license to film at another school, Manual Arts Senior High School.

According to the story, the district Superintendent Ramon Cortines was unwilling to grant the permit unless Oliver could guarantee it would portray the schools in a positive light.

“If you look at the last series he [Oliver] did in Huntington, W.Va., it was full of conflict and drama, and we’re not interest in that,’’ LAUSD spokesman Robert Alaniz said, the article notes.

A spokeswoman for the show said production will continue outside the school.


  1. And how could Oliver guarantee that school officials would not act negatively, unless he lies about it? Sound like cheating.

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