GOP Spending Cuts Would Eliminate Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Feb 14, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Republican lawmakers have proposed a bill that would eliminate dozens of programs, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The New York Times reports.

The bill, which was put forward by the Appropriations Committee, was described by House Republicans as implementing historic cuts in federal spending after conservatives in the party’s new majority demanded a follow-through on a pledge to reduce the budget by $100 billion, the story notes.

Public broadcasters and their supporters argued against the proposed cuts over the weekend, with Ed Markey, D-Mass., saying it would rob Big Bird to pay Big Oil, reports B&C.

"By putting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Pell Grants on the chopping block, Republicans are denying our youngest children and our neediest students the excellence of educational, cultural and informational resources and opportunities both in their homes and in classrooms throughout the nation," Markey said, according to the story.


  1. It’s about time somebody did something about spending our tax money on what amounts to a state-run propaganda mill.
    Nobody ever asked me if I was willing to go for this operation. Not only that, have you noticed they are running regular commercials, instead of the original “This program was brought to you by so-and-so?”
    PBS should be totally listener-supported, and if they can’t get by with that, try cutting some of the too-high salaries of the big shots.

  2. Hey ‘Red’ – when was the last time someone asked you about ANY way that your tax dollars are spent?
    Some folks prefer to put what amounts to a small percentage of taxes towards our children and education opportunities.
    Then there are others who prefer to have our taxes fund foreign invasions, illegal detentions, and close their eyes to Congressional reach-arounds by lobbyists.

  3. We are the only civilized nation on Earth that looks upon federal funding for the arts, and arts education, with disdain. It is a completely insane, backwards outlook that needs to be stopped. The public trust cannot be left in the hands of the private sector. Fox News alone is proof of that.

  4. Why should kids (or anyone else) have educational television? American Idol is good enough for them. If they want education they can always turn to Fox News (which is taxpayer free).

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