Guess What the Black Eyed Peas Earned for Their Half Time Performance: A) $1 million, B) $500,000, C) $250,000, or D) $0; Also, Christina Aguilera Hopes Viewers Felt ‘True Spirit’ of Anthem Even If She Got The Words Wrong

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Wanna guess how much the Black Eyed Peas got paid for performing at halftime during the 2011 Super Bowl?

The group typically earns between $250,000 to $350,000 per concert, but, in fact, they made nothing for their performance at the Super Bowl XLV’s half-time show, reports Forbes.com.

That’s because acts who appear during the half-time show at the Super Bowl traditionally don’t get paid, since the exposure the acts receive is far greater than almost any other venue, the story notes.

For instance, 1.3 million people paid to see the Black Eyed Peas perform last year, but it’s likely that more than 100 million people tuned into Sunday’s game, the story notes.

After Tom Petty performed at the 2008 Super Bowl, he saw a spike in his record sales, it adds. A representative for Universal Music Group, the parent of the Black Eye Peas label, didn’t respond to a request for comment about the group’s payment, the article notes.

Separately, Time.com is reporting that after flubbing the lyrics to the national anthem, singer Christina Aguilera issued a statement that read, "I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through." 

The singer should have sung "O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?" but instead sang a variation of an earlier line, "What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming." The article notes that other performers have had troubles with the song, with Macy Gray getting booed ten years ago for what the piece calls an "off-kilter" rendition at the Pro Football Hall of Fame exhibition game in Canton, Ohio.


  1. Well, now at least 100 million people saw first hand how horrible the Black Eyed Peas are. Autotune and musical theft…groundbreaking.

  2. At least they didnt get paid to make people’s ears bleed and for giving people the worst headaches of their lives. The Black Eyed Peas are horrendous. They need to pack it in already. Fergie is a married woman..she can stop looking like a hooker and she can stop trying to act like a black woman by using those hand gestures and stupid faces she makes. What’s next..grabbing her crotch? Fergie..grow up..you are a married white woman..ACT IT!

  3. You said a mouthful. That was simply one of the worst musical performances I have ever seen that didn’t happen in someone’s garage. Ripping off melodies and “hooks” from real songs and mixing them together with a bunch of “Uh”‘s may work fine on Top 40 radio but in a live setting it is simply unacceptable.
    The only thing that made it palatable was the lavish production values (some of which were great IMHO).
    Hearing that woman brutalize “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was truly a traumatic experience for me– I don’t think I can even listen to the original anymore until the memory of that travesty fades. She reminds me of the skanky drunk chick on karaoke night who won’t stop going up there and singing even though everybody cringes through her performances.

  4. I wonder how Usher felt being a back up dancer & singer for the worst performance since Janet Jackson. As far as the anthem goes sing it like it was meant to be sung and you would not have these types of issues would you!

  5. black eyed peas = lousy one trick pony
    christina couldn’t learn the words (words every third grader knows) to a song to be performed for 100 million people?

  6. I know most of you didn’t appreciate the BEP performance but if you knew anything about the cost, time and effort put in you would understand how a small underground Hip Hop act that started in the early 90’s can re-invent themselves and become one of pop music’s biggest performance based group of our time who flawlessly gave us the most exspensive and elaborate performance ever created for a superbowl half time show. Putting the music aside just think of the amount of work that was put in not only for the halftime performance but to entirely change your look, sound, apperance and concept and rewrite the rules for music by resampling past hits not only to resurrect that dead music but to also celebrate and give respect to those older artists by giving them a new channel for their past music. All of this brought to you for free! wil.I.AM is a genius and an extremely hard working cat that now resides as a director on the board of Intel, a savvy business man with a music and film production co. His own record label a set of toy dolls and more than a dozen huge commercial hits to boot. By the way he has also paid millions to all artists he has sampled. I guess people just hate impressive, creative, intelligent hard working people of color (i.e. Barack Obama, etc.)Have a great day!

  7. Unknown, I agree that the BEPs are innovative, and I really enjoyed parts of their performance. But it’s a low blow for you to say that “people hate impressive, creative, intelligent hard working people of color (i.e. Barack Obama, etc.)” Why play the race card? Haven’t you moved past that tired cliche?

  8. I don’t think it’s a tired cliche. I think racism is doing quite well these days. Thank you though for your tired cliche by saying ” Why play the race card? Haven’t you moved past that tired cliche? Anyway the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Again have a wonderful day!

  9. Why don’t we get back on topic and it’s not about color, unless YOU want it to be. The half-time show was not for everyone and if that offends you, Unknown, sorry. You devalue your own currency and set us all back with your finger-pointing. But thank you for the back story of how the band came to be. This should inspire people to chase their dreams!

  10. I respect all comments and was not pointing fingers. Sorry if this comment got off track it just amazes me that my comment was the only positive one made and I’m not even a person of color.

  11. The biggest problem BEP had was the production. The sound was awful and mikes were turned on late. Not sure if that is NFL or FOX or BEP’s road crew. But that was terrible production for an event so BIG.

  12. How can you possibly defend what was simply a bad performance? Maybe they tried too hard, but my ears are colorblind. What I heard was horrible, boring, and went on way too long. The fact that they DO sell millions of CDs and downloads is a credit to their talent as well as the people of all colors who pay for it! I think the Super Bowl is a horrendous cave that calls for a very different approach to live performance. Face it, the BEPs are a niche act who should have been no where near Dallas

  13. Dsherm, I was directing my comments at the brave person who calls himself/herself “Unknown.” Please re-read my post. I also agree with Digital Guy’s comments about the audio. If they are going to do this big, please also do it right. I’m waiting for someone to blame it on the weather.

  14. And what was that shaking the rack at Slash ?? I’m sure he’s seen better.

  15. “Putting the music aside…”
    Kinda says it all doesn’t it!?!!?!?!

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