Lohan Gets a Dose of Reality From Judge: Plea Deal Will Mean Jail

Feb 23, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Lindsay Lohan appeared in court Wednesday for a hearing on a grand theft charge, where she got a harsh dose of reality from the judge in the case, the L.A. Times reported.

"This case does involve jail time–period," Judge Keith Schwartz told the actress. "If you plead in front of me–if this case resolves in front of me–you are going to jail. Period. It may be an issue as to amount of time."

Lohan now has until May 10 to contemplate whether to take a plea deal in the case or go to trial. The felony charge against her involves the alleged theft of a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store in January.

The prosecutor has reportedly offered Lohan a deal, but terms have not been disclosed. One rumor has the prosecutor offering a six-month jail sentence in exchange for a guilty or no contest plea.

According to some reports, Lohan told an acquaintance after the hearing that she will fight the charge.

The judge also suggested that Lohan undertake a 12-step program to overcome her addictions and avoid becoming a “repeat offender in the system,” the story reports.

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