CBS Boss Moonves Breaks Silence on Sheen Situation–Says He Hopes Show Can Return; Meanwhile, the Star’s Media Blitz Is Pumping Up Ratings All Over the TV Dial

Mar 2, 2011  •  Post A Comment

[UPDATED 3-2-11 at 6:30 a.m with Moonves comment about wanting show to return]

CBS Chief Exec Leslie Moonves broke his silence today on the ongoing drama surrounding Charlie Sheen and “Two and a Half Men,” the L.A. Times reported in its Company Town blog.

Among the highlights, Moonves, speaking during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecommunications conference in San Francisco, said the sudden shutdown of the show in the midst of its eighth season could actually benefit CBS financially, at least temporarily.

Moreover, and most importantly, Moonves added about "Two and a Half Men," "I hope it’s back. We’ll see," according to the Associated Press account of Moonves’ remarks.

"Short-term, financially, it is actually a gainer for us," Moonves said,  "Doing eight less original episodes saves us a lot of money."

Moonves refused to predict whether the hit CBS show would come back for a ninth season. But he took a mild jab at Sheen’s recent self-declared war with the network and the show’s producers, and the star’s whirlwind media appearances this week. "He’s been on the air a lot," Moonves said. "I just wished he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy."

Sheen’s spotlight continues tonight with a special “20/20” episode on ABC.

The star’s appearance Monday on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” doubled the show’s usual audience, Entertainment Weekly reported, earning Morgan his best numbers yet in the adults 25-54 demo.

The latest Sheen appearances have also pumped up ratings for NBC’s “Today” (6 million viewers) and ABC’s “Good Morning America” (5.9 million), EW reported.


  1. Charlie is a money machine for CBS. They should do what it takes to get him back in front of the camera. The actors and writers on this show are at the top of their game.
    Eddie Goredetsky is amazing, as is the irascible Chuck Lorre. A shame the issues can’t be resolved. CHARLIE WANTS TO GO TO WORK!!

  2. Sheen is out of his mind. No human on Earth worth 3 mil for a 30 minute show, or any show on television. He should just grow up. He continually is and has been a spoiled brat. Had his Dad not been Martin Sheen, he would be a waiter somewhere.

  3. Has anyone thought about ignoring Sheen? The more he is given a platform, the more disgraceful he will act. His bahavior is inexcusable.

  4. Enough already.. showcase a celebrity doing something that helps the world not some rich spoiled drug addict who has lost his mind.. Ratings are up because people are wanting to watch the train wreck.. I agree with ignoring him. Anyone who would pay this ass millions is crazy to.

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