Congressman Wants NCAA Tournament Game Moved From Cable to Broadcast

Mar 17, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A Connecticut lawmaker is unhappy with the new television arrangement for the “March Madness” NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and is lobbying to have the first-round game featuring the University of Connecticut moved from cable to network television outlets in the state, The Hill reports.

Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney has written a letter to CBS boss Leslie Moonves and NCAA President Mark Emmert, arguing that many residents in Connecticut will be unable to get the game on TV. He wants to see Thursdays game between Connecticut and Bucknell shifted from TNT to a CBS affiliate.

Courtney estimates that 150,000 households in the state will be unable to watch the game.

"NCAA’s new contract with four television channels is a significant departure from previous years," Courtney wrote. "As multiple games have been televised simultaneously in the past, the NCAA and CBS has respectfully adjusted their coverage by region to ensure local fans had the opportunity to watch the hometown team. I hope that the NCAA and CBS can continue that commitment."

The story adds: “Courtney’s request is due to the NCAA’s decision to expand the tournament from 64 to 68 teams and adjust their television contract. In an effort to air all games on national television, some early round games will be broadcast on cable networks such as TNT and TBS, instead of CBS airing regional coverage of the tournament in the early rounds.”


  1. May I be so bold as to suggest a “new rule” for the Connecticut congressman that be applied to all future public service blathering on the actions of private business?
    When the federal government has its house in order, beginning with an embrace of basic, common sense fiscal responsibility, we MIGHT actually be interested in hearing your suggestions on how private businesses should make their business decisions.
    Until then, however, I respectfully request that you open up a can of STFU and gargle it down.

  2. Gosh, I can remember back several years when ESPN was the only channel that would touch the first few rounds of the NCAA tournament. CBS never televised the initial rounds. And now there are complaints about some of the games going back to a cable channel? LOL

  3. Seriously Congressman? With all due respect I believe that you need to wake up and smell the coffee on this one. Connecticut constituents not being able to afford more than basic cable to watch basketball? Really? I think that CBS should be praised for making such an arrangement within our free-enterprise system to expand the opportunities to view as many NCAA tournament games as possible. Cheers to CBS, TBS TNT & tru TV! Jeers to you! Now, back to the games!

  4. Congressman, why just Connecticut? Why can’t viewers all over the country get to see their local teams play on their network affiliate? Probably because the logistics of that plan would be next to impossible to work out. Anyway, the government has no business telling the networks what to air.

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