In His Latest–and Least Manic–Conversation, Charlie Sheen Says Where He Hopes All This Is Leading. Plus, His Comments About His Fellow Cast Members on ‘Two and a Half Men’

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Charlie Sheen will be all over the tube again today, with interviews on both NBC’s "Today Show" and a special "20/20" on ABC. Plus whatever radio shows to which he may call in.

Both the NBC and ABC material was taped over the weekend.

So Sheen’s latest remarks right now came in a live interview he did with Piers Morgan on CNN on Monday night, Feb. 28, 2011, at 9 p.m. ET.

We here at TVWeek watched it, and it was clearly Sheen’s least manic interview of late. He addressed where he hopes all of this is leading, as well as commenting on his fellow cast members on "Two and a Half Men."

Here’s a transcript of the relevant part of the interview:

Piers Morgan: Millions of fans just want the show back on the air. What is the way to make that happen?

Charlie Sheen: I don’t know. But it might involve us all getting into a room.

Morgan: And what would you say if you did?

Sheen: I’d say OK, you’ve agreed to pay the crews for four shows. You’ve got to pay them eight. And then you’ve got to pay the rest of the cast eight. And then you’ve got to pay me eight. Then we could have a dialogue. That’s just doing the right thing. [Earlier in the interview Sheen said he was  underpaid, but he retracted his earlier demand–that he had told NBC–that he needed a million dollar raise per episode to $3 million per show. He said instead that that demand was negotiable.]

Morgan: What would you then sign up to do, in terms of personal behavior?

Sheen: I guess I would have to play ball on some front. But I don’t feel like they still have a right to interfere in my personal life. I don’t do it in theirs. If they’ll submit to all the same constraints, all the same points to that agreement, then fine, I’m on board.

But then I hear stories like that they’re going to hire John Stamos. You guys do that you deserve anything that happens later. Sorry, John, you’re a lovely man. But you got on me on Howard Stern, bro, and I don’t forget anything.

Morgan: How do you hope it ends?

Sheen: I have a vision of us getting back on the air for season nine and then doing season 10 and cleaning up all this mess behind us and then when we’re back on stage and doing it all perfectly and brilliantly that a couple of adjustments will have been made. We all know where we stand right now, so we can’t be like “Hey, good to see you again.” Not.

Morgan: What about your fellow cast members? Have you talked to any of them?

Sheen: I have not because I don’t feel like there’s any real support there. No one has issued a statement, made a phone call—I’ve got a couple of angry texts, whatever, I can ignore that. I’m out here doing this for all of us, guys. I’m not trying to embarrass you or ruin your jobs or ruin the show or anything like that.

Morgan: Do they feel you’ve let them down?

Sheen: I don’t know. I don’t know. I’d be speaking for them. It would’ve been nice if there was some measure of support from ANYBODY. ANYBODY at this point. But it’s all right, man. Every great movement begins with one man, and I guess that’s me.

Morgan: You’re kind of like the Che Guevara of Hollywood at this moment.

Sheen: I’ll take it. I’ll take it. Nice.#


  1. Where would you be if you tore up a hotel room beat up a hooker and got caught with a brief case full of cocaine? Drop kick Charlie to the curb and do a spin off where he is killed off and Allan inherits the house, money and car.

  2. I don’t care what happens but Charlie Sheen’s life is a hell of a lot funnier than his show.

  3. Charlie Sheen’s life is the show. He is an undisciplined, self absorbed, highly talented, our-of-control, playboy. To be an actor you have to stretch, he doesn’t even have to flex.

  4. Thank-you…! I thought I was the only one to notice. From the episodes that I did catch, I thought to myself “wow, isn’t that his life?!” Maybe that’s why he’s ranting, because the show is exposing/mocking his real life – and you’re right, it’s not a stretch to play yourself.

  5. Note to Piers Morgan and Charlie Sheen: Che Guevara was a psychopathic killer, not a role model for Hollywood actors looking for a bigger payday.
    Try reading beyond the T-shirt, dimwits.

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