Libyans Use CNN Crew, Other Journalists as Human Shields

Mar 21, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A planned British missile attack on one of Muammar Qaddafi’s compounds in Libya was called off after it was learned that the Libyans had brought journalists from CNN and Reuters to the site, Business Insider reports, citing a Fox News report.

After an initial attack by two Tomahawk missiles fired from a British submarine hit the site, the pro-Qaddafi Libyan Ministry of Information reportedly brought the reporters to the facility to show them damage from the attack. The group reportedly also brought civilians to the site to be used as human shields.

The British were reportedly prepared to fire seven additional missiles at the site, but canceled the operation after learning of the presence of the journalists and civilians.


  1. Much as a free press is a cornerstone of freedom, the practicianers need to practice common sense by not becoming part of the story. The journalists not only put themselves in harm’s way, but they also halted an importsnt mission by their carelessness.

  2. What is it with you people? The Business Insider story is just reporting what Fox said, which is what CNN disputes. So you’re taking sides with Fox by printing this story as if it’s been independently verified? It hasn’t.
    Your loyalties are once again showing.

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