LIN Media Expects Stations in 17 Markets to Go Dark for Dish Customers

Mar 1, 2011  •  Post A Comment

LIN Media expects its television stations in 17 markets to go dark on Dish’s network as of March 4, reports B&C.

LIN says the decision to end carriage was Dish’s, while Dish says that LIN is dropping its signals, the story says. LIN says that it had asked for a one-month extension during retransmission consent negotiations before the Feb. 28 deadline, but that Dish only agreed to a four-day extension, the story notes. LIN said that it doubts negotiations will conclude by Friday.

The affected stations are in cities ranging from Albuquerque to Toledo, the story says.


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  2. I ask Dish the same question which is what is the differance in the cost that the other local channels charge for dish services and how close is your your offer to theirs. To be honest I could care less about the local stuff but will be upset if I can not get CBS programming. I think thats what needs to be told is how fair is your offer. 140% does seem to be a bit much.

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