More Problems for ‘The Kennedys’. Three Weeks Left Before Show’s Airing and No Major Advertisers Have Been Signed to Advertise During the Miniseries

Mar 14, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Major advertisers are known for shying away from controversy, something "The Kennedys" miniseries is finding out first-hand,reports The Hollywood Reporter.

With three weeks left before the show’s April 3 premiere, ReelzChannel has failed to line up any major sponsors, the story says. Only 20% of the the inventory for the show has been sold, with nine companies that buy commercial time across the network allowing their ads to appear during the show, it adds, not mentioning any sponsor by name.

Says the article, " ‘Advertisers are scared to death of this. They told us point blank, "It’s too politically hot,"’ said Stan Hubbard, president and CEO of ReelzChannel, which is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. … Hubbard claims this is all much ado about nothing. ‘Once people see this, they’ll wonder what the big deal was. It’s well-researched, it’s not salacious, it isn’t Kennedy bashing,’ he said. ‘It’s a great cast giving a career performance.’ "

Hubbard blames the perception that advertisers have about "The Kennedys" right now on the press, According to the story, "The perception of ‘The Kennedys’ as a salacious, inaccurate portrayal of the famous political family was working against the upstart cable channel from the moment it picked up the miniseries. First, History claimed it wasn’t historically accurate enough for the channel. Then the press took off with accusations of raunchy content and reports that the Kennedy family put the screws to History and its parent company, A&E."

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