Who’s the Biggest Loser in Q1 Cable News Ratings? (Hint: It’ll Make Fox Haters Happy)

Mar 30, 2011  •  Post A Comment

One of the Fox News Channel’s most familiar faces received some bad news when first-quarter cable ratings were released this week, as his program had the steepest declines among cable news shows, Deadline.com reported.

The “Glenn Beck” show drew 1.9 million viewers in the period, down 30% from the year-earlier period, the story notes. During the first quarter, the show drew 462,000 viewers age 25 to 54, a decline of 37% in the key news demo, the article adds.

Despite the drop, "Glenn Beck" was still the top-rated news show at 5 p.m., the story notes.


  1. How can viewers continue to watch when what he reports and uncovers is so depressing and scary regarding the future of the country. At first I found it hard to believe what he was saying, but he backs things up with video and transcripts of what/who he is reporting on. I don’t see the “hate” that so many convinced me of early on, but instead a show by someone who is trying to warn of what the agenda for this administation is and where they are trying to take the country. If you watch the show with an open mind, you’ll become so angry about what’s really happening to our country and how little of it is being reported elsewhere, that you’ll have to stop watching to keep from having a heart attack. No wonder ratings are down. Watch for yourself for a week with an open mind before you make a snap judgement about the show.

  2. i agree. his tv can become a labyrinth of facts as he pieces together puzzles. his radio show does the same thing but is much more upbeat and sarcastic (thats good too).

  3. Glenn Who???

  4. Scary – until you find out that he plays fast and loose with the facts.

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