Writer, Host Pointing Fingers at Each Other Over Poorly Received Oscars Ceremony

Mar 22, 2011  •  Post A Comment

After longtime Oscars writer Bruce Vilanch told New York Magazine that James Franco had failed as the host of the Academy Awards, Franco took umbrage, reports TV Guide.

Vilanch, a comic who’s written jokes for nearly every Oscars broadcast in the past 20 years, said that he felt Franco’s performance at last month’s awards telecast "didn’t get there." Reviews for this year’s ceremony have generally been lukewarm at best.

Franco responded by Twitter, saying, "Bruce, he let me down!"

Vilanch also joked: "I have to call James Franco and tell him the show’s over. He doesn’t know. He took a nap and he woke up in class."

Vilanch concluded that it may have been a better idea to get a comedian to host the ceremony. "The only people who know how to host those shows are people who get up onstage every night and say, ‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. A funny thing happened …,’" Vilanch said.


  1. I think the real problem is that Bruce Vilanch is not funny and never has been. I don’t know how that guy continues to work.

  2. I agree that Franco was a weak host but how could anybody get any traction doing the lame material Vilanch and his anemic writers furnished. Don’t just changer hosts, wipe out the writing staff! Please!

  3. Agree! His Oscar material is as dated and stale as was his Hollywood Squares material. How does he keep the gig? Who does he have pictures of?

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