ABC Soap Opera Soars in Ratings After Being Canceled

Apr 29, 2011  •  Post A Comment

One of the two long-running soap operas recently canceled by ABC has surged in the ratings since the cancellation was announced, Deadline.com reports.

The show is "One Life to Live," which was the third-most-viewed daytime drama with 2.76 million viewers during the first full week since its cancellation. That placed the program ahead of ABC’s "General Hospital," which the network has chosen to keep on the air, the piece notes.

ABC announced it was canceling “All My Children” at the same time it announced the cancellation of “One Life to Live.”

In the latest results, "One Life to Live" was the only soap opera to show growth vs. both the previous week and the year-ago period, the story says. "All My Children" declined in both categories.


  1. We all new that the decision was bad

  2. CORRECTION: AMC went up too:
    AMC 2,521,000 (+177,000 from last week; +53,000 from same week last year)

  3. We all know it wasn’t the ratings that caused Brian Frons to cancel AMC and OLTL, he cancelled many soaps on CBS and NBC, Search for tomorrow was cancelled from CBS and NBC by Frons, he was hired by ABC to cancel the soaps, he doesn’t care what the viewers want, he is only out for money money money. All the ABC Executives were involved, they think they know what people want, but they don’t have any idea! Boycott ABC after the soaps are cancelled!

  4. Dont wait until the soaps are cancelled. Boycott ABC NOW except for the daytime soaps.

  5. I will not watch anything on abc except the soaps. I will not support
    The advertises. Besides loving the shows,I feel badly for all those
    Who will lose their jobs.

  6. The Viewers was always there .. some have Cable some just a antenna some tape the shows to watch them after work . If i can’t watch them that day i go to ABC.go.com the day after . by the way Vicky Erica Slezak deserve a EMMY ..She was unbelievable Good … WAY THE GOOD…. Erica Slezak

  7. I watch nothing on ABC except the soaps and I won’t buy any products advertised on ABC.
    Once GH get cancels ABC will be removed from my TV package along with any network connected with ABC…Disney & ABC Family I mean all will be removed. Don’t watch Disney or ABC Family to begin with.
    ABC nothing but a bunch of loony tunes doing what they do best…..being crazy.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with Michelle here. Please join us in boycotting ABC minus the 3 soaps NOW… I’ve read where it’s already starting to have an effect. I, personally, am watching GREY’S, MODERN FAMILY, etc. on sidereel.com

  9. if abc soaps get cancelled i hope abc is never watched again

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