Do You Have a Clue? NBCUniversal Cable Network Changing Name

Apr 8, 2011  •  Post A Comment

One of the cable networks owned by Comcast’s NBCUniversal is changing its name, our good friend Mike Schneider at TVGuide.com reports.

Writes Schneider: "From the company that morphed Sci Fi into Syfy comes another channel name destined to wreak havoc with your computer’s spell check. TV Guide Magazine has confirmed that NBCUniversal will change the name of Sleuth, its crime and mystery cable channel, later this spring. The new name? Cloo TV."

The article continues: "Why the name change and quirky spelling? Just as NBCUniversal realized that it couldn’t trademark the words Sci Fi, it faced the same problem with Sleuth. (Or Clue, for that matter.) But it can own the word Cloo."


  1. Dat’s two stoopid, clooless even, for a dum netwerk be kald.
    NBSee ya later, universal idiots!

  2. Sleuth Network was another great idea that was a total waste of bandwidth. Instead of being a place to showcase the rich history of tv detective shows from Colombo to he vareirty of shows NBC ran in the 60’s and 70’s it would have been a excellent way to introduce today’s generation to classic tv crime drama. Instead they ran repeat of a series all day, usually rotating the same series and same shows of that series. what bother.?
    Its what I call “Lazy Mans Programming”
    Check out my blog to read my ideas on media and tech.

  3. NBCU should bring back Trio…

  4. Comcast is systematically killing television – they have some real “out of touch” directors — internet TV from rival markets will clean their clocks – then watch Comcrap scramble to buy them up.

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