First the iPhone and Then the iPad. Now Analyst Believes Apple Is Working on a ‘New Device’ That Involves TV

Apr 13, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A respected research analyst who follows Apple says "Apple’s push into the living room ‘is likely to include a new device,’ although he adds that he isn’t sure what it will be. ‘We would guess a TV or a new set-top box,’ he adds."

So writes Eric Savitz in his Forbes blog The Tech Trade.

Savitz is talking about a report from Jefferies research analyst Peter Misek.

According to Savitz, "Misek thinks Apple is going to offer a ‘new far-reaching cloud-based service that is more than just a music or content locker and focused on video.’ "

Savitz adds that Misek also writes about new data centers that Apple is building in North Carolina. "Misek is convinced that all of the activity centers on offering some kind of video service.’While much has been speculated on what these data centers could be for, it seems that much of this is likely being built for video,’ he writes. ‘How do we come to that hypothesis? It is a guess based on the size of the storage that has been purchased, the fact that video consumes far more data than audio, and the introduction of a simple audio locker or cloud-based version of iTunes is unlikely to require this much storage and capability out of the gate. Second, we find some of the chatter in the content world to be centered around the iPad and future services. We find it notable that the content companies, citing a lack of domain license, asked Cablevision (CVC) to remove channels from its iPad app. We believe these same companies are negotiating some sort of deal with Apple.’ "

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  1. Apple is ahead of it’s time. To bad I did not by the stock years ago. I could have retired by now.

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