Fox Will Give Animated Sitcom Another Season to Catch On

Apr 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The Fox Network announced that it is giving a freshman show–part of its “Animation Domination” Sunday night lineup–a second season, Deadline.com reports.

The show is "Bob’s Burgers," which apparently has been compatible with "The Simpsons," "Family Guy" and "Cleveland Show" even though its ratings have not been spectacular. It logged a 2.2 in the 18-49 demographic in its last airing.

Fox also has two new animated shows ready for next season: “Allen Gregory” and “Napoleon Dynamite.”

This is the second pickup of a scripted show for Fox this year, as "Raising Hope" has also been renewed for a second season.


  1. Bob’s Burgers sucks, that’s why the ratings are low.

  2. Bob’s Burger is pretty radical.

  3. There is nothing about that show I like! Kill it make it dead.

  4. It’s DEF. no Family Guy but I have enjoyed Bobs Burgers so far – esp. the dysfunctional kids! Nothing to like? In what world is pooping your pants at capoiera NOT funny? 😉 And the burger of the day board always makes me chuckle. If I had to rate them I’d say Family Guy, Cleveland, Bob, THEN Simpsons (which almost never even gets a giggle).

  5. I’m glad they are actually giving it a chance to build an audience. I, for one, enjoy the show and am pleased to see something a little different in the animation line up. Its actually more like an animated sitcom and not the short attention span pop culture reference every5 seconds type show that currently dominates the line up. Personally, I think they could lose the Cleveland Show that show is just not funny at all. They took a mildy funny character and gave him his own series… kind of like the animated “Joey”.

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