NBC Under Attack as Accusations of Trump Racism Continue–This Time From Within the Corporate Family

Apr 29, 2011  •  Post A Comment

NBC executives are being accused of allowing "Celebrity Apprentice" host Donald Trump to spread "racist" untruths against President Barack Obama, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The latest accusations come from MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell. MSNBC and NBC are part of the same company, NBCUniversal, the story points out.

O’Donnell’s criticisms underscore the possibility that the network won’t be able to continue with Trump as host of one of its highest-rated shows, given he is considering running for president, the story notes.

"NBC has created a monster who is using his NBC fame to spew hatred reeking with racist overtones and undertones," O’Donnell said on his show.

Trump has said he won’t say whether he’ll run for president until after the May 22 finale of "Celebrity Apprentice.” NBC representatives declined to comment on O’Donnell’s remarks, the piece adds.


  1. We all know that NBC (“NoBody Conscious”) network is rather dull when it comes to taking the appropriate action.
    It is disgusting in this day and time that the network has decided to ignore Trump’s ranting and raving, and continue to provide him with a forum to display his racist views.
    Come on NBC it’s really simple all you have to do is “man up” as the Army says.

  2. NBC, the words are “Trump You’re Fired!”

  3. Aside from an orchestrated accusation, where is the hard evidence that Trump’s attacks on Obama are indeed racist? Is O’Donnell’s claim merely opinion (masquerading as ontological certitude)? Is it even POSSIBLE to criticize Obama without the race card being played??

  4. Why does NBC allow this obvious racist and liar to still have a show on its network?
    Give him a mirror and keep him occupied with his new found time.
    To him the words “excuse me” mean: “Shut up everybody else, I have to listen to what I have to say! Ahhh, see, I am so proud of myself!”
    What an apprent-ASS! He and his show sucks.

  5. His clear assertion is that Obama, a black man could not have gotten into Columbia or Harvard from Occidental without affirmative action; thereby denying a white person. But, Obama graduated at the top of his class Magna cum Laude and was elected to the President of the Harvard Law Review the most prestigious position available. This position requires much intelligence and great respect from all of your peers. Obama has been criticized everyday since running for office and he has taken it like a man without complaint like the good Christian he is. Racism is only mentioned when it is clearly racism and never mentioned by Obama himself, because he is beyond it; not like those who hide behind it!

  6. So an admittedly hard left network has problems with a barely right of center host of one of its programs and this is treated as some type of crisis?
    If so, that tells us more about NBCU’s operations and future than anything else.

  7. You mean NEVER right as in corect. As far as politically; he is a chameleon. He changes his colors to suit his needs. Hence, the word “liar”. Now, it suits his purposes to be extreme right winged, politically. Here’s to his form of “free-dumb”. Doesn’t cost a dime from his ilk, but it is everywhere we turn.

  8. So Trump is a racist now, just because the man lays out hard facts about Obama the LEFT goes ape shit.
    When are you people going to open your eyes and see your President is a PUPPET for the NWO and Bernanke is robbing us blind.

  9. And when are “you people” going to open your eyes, ears and mind and think about what is correct and decent. Your remarks show that you still have a ways to go because you fail to deal with the issue by throwing it toward something else that is totally unrelated. Get a grip James and be free!

  10. Yes. Trump is a racist. Get used to it. What hard facts has he laid out? Everything he has been saying about Obama is based on lies. The idea of him even presuming to think he is fit for the White House is beyond repulsive.

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