New ‘Dr. Drew’ Show Pumps Up Time Period for HLN

Apr 6, 2011  •  Post A Comment

HLN received a time period boost with the debut of "Dr. Drew," the new prime-time series from Dr. Drew Pinsky, reports B&C.

The series debut drew 401,000 viewers for its April 4 premiere, the article notes. That represents a 24% increase over the previous four-week average for the 9-10 p.m. time slot, the story says.

"Dr. Drew" stars Pinsky as he provides views on the day’s news stories, the article adds.

HLN reported that the improvement was even better–61%–in the network’s target 25-54 demo.



  1. I don’t know where to begin. The first show was disappointing, disrespectful, judgmental, and very one-sided. Questions were asked with accusatory language, and Capri Anderson was victimized by the heavy questioning of her childhood. It’s her story Dr. Drew.
    Where was the human side. Shaming…you can only improve from here; I hope

  2. I am n a relationship with a guy that ask me to leave, I left got my own place n no sooner he begged me to come back, I truly loved him so I did now again he says he loves me but I should leave..he lost his father 1yr ago nov.. Hes never been the same, I am constantly trying to assure him that I am here because I have a choice and thats my choice, he says I am too pretty n guys all want me, how do I get him to believe I only want him and when we r apart he has nothing to worry about. This rollercoaster ride is so hard but I truly love him.

  3. Tonight’s program was about “what women want.” Are you kidding me? Dr. Drew thinks women are Stepford wives, all thinking and feeling the same? This is like saying, “What do men want, Dr. Drew?” The answer would/should be, it’s dishonest to present so-called information about “all men” or “all women.” We are all inidividuals! Why should it make men and Dr. Drew “crazy” when their questions are answered differently by different women? Come on! This is very disappointing. Dr. Drew should do us all a service by pointing out that there’s no “formula” for “all men” or “all women.” This is something that I as a woman DON’T want – and that is to be considered part of some unspecific blob of “all women” – or for a man to be surprised that I don’t react like some other woman in his life. Hey, pay attention to ME.

  4. I was cringing while Dr. Drew interviewed Capri Andersen as his fingers crept up her leg. He was leaning as far towards her as he could while she was leaning as far back in her chair and nervously clinching her hands together. He looked like such a “perv”. I think he’s a porn addict and couldn’t control himself.
    When he reviewed the segment he said, “so powerful!”. I took that to mean his desire for Capri was so powerful that he couldn’t control himself.
    Please Dr. Drew….learn some restraint! It’s a “talk” show, NOT a “touch” show.

  5. “Deeply earnest and thoughtful people stand on shaky footing with the public.” -Goethe
    It seems to me that Drew is trying to deeply understand these people — he’s interacting in ways that are deeply touching, trying to really understand people’s motivation (and that won’t often happen without a look at the past.) You’re freaking out about the way he was touching her, but he did the exact same thing with Sammy Hagar, touching the knee and taking the hand and stuff, as he moved into some very emotional territory. How was she victimized by questioning? She was victimized in her childhood, not in the questions about it. And isn’t it important for people to understand where shattered childhoods lead??

  6. Der er tydeligvis en masse at vide om dette. Jeg tror, ​​du har lavet nogle gode ting i Features også. Fortsætte med at arbejde, stor opgave!

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